Audrey Vandermeulen-  Illustrator and Visual Development artist looking for full-time work

Name: Audrey Vandermeulen


Career Level: Junior/Entry Level

Industry: Animation, Toys, Video Games

Subject/Header: Illustrator and Visual Development artist looking for full-time work

Request: I'm currently looking for a full-time entry level/junior position at an in-house studio in America or Canada.
My strengths are in creature and character concept, 2D drawing/digital painting, and 3D traditional sculpture (I am currently studying digital 3D modeling in Zbrush). I work in a variety of styles from realistic to cute and cartoony (my favorite being stylized realism) and I understand how 2D characters relate to physical 3D space.

I love creating concept art in many areas of entertainment, but especially for feature animation and toy figure design. I'm inspired by whimsical colors and fantasy and enjoy creating appealing concepts that bring joy to the audience in a 'child-at-heart' way.


Skills (Software, Specialities, etc.): Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects)
Microsoft (Word, Publisher, Excel, Powerpoint)
Digital Painting (Procreate, Clip Studio Paint)
Traditional clay sculpture (art dolls, miniature/action figures, statues)

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Willing to Relocate: Yes

Concept Art Awards