Jason Goodfriend- New To LA and Ready To Work!

Name: Jason Goodfriend

Email: jasonbgoodfriend@gmail.com

Career Level: Junior

Industry: Feature Film, Animation

Subject/Header: New To LA and Ready To Work!

Request: Hi there! My name is Jason Goodfriend and I'm looking for freelance, part time, and/or full time work in the entertainment industry as a visual development artist and concept designer.

Recently, I relocated to sunny Los Angeles, CA after living in NYC for almost 10 years. In New York, I was working as a freelance Illustrator and studying Academic Realism at The Art Students League of New York. I received a bachelors degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and am an avid plein air painter.

Since leaving NYC in winter of 2017, several residency programs have opened their doors to me. I spent 6 months traveling through Mexico and Guatemala for plein air painting residencies. During that period of immersion in these incredibly beautiful cultures, I was able to let the scenery and their way of life inspire my work in new ways. I have spent the last few years attending workshops and professional development courses to enhance my skills in art and entertainment design and now I am looking for my first position in the field. I know that this is the field for me and am asking for someone to take a chance on me. I am a hard worker, community minded, dedicated to my craft, and willing to put in the energy and enthusiasm to succeed. My varied experience will make me an irreplaceable asset to your team.

Please look over my portfolio and consider me for the positions you have available. I am new to Los Angeles and am also looking to engage with other artists. I would love to be mentored by artists at more advanced stages in their careers. Contact me and say hello! I'd love to take you for a coffee or tea!

Portfolio: http://www.jasongoodfriend.com

Skills (Software, Specialities, etc.): 2D - Photoshop, Illustrator
3D - Blender, ZBrush
Traditional Drawing and Painting - Gouache, Oil, Acrylic, Pen & Ink, Charcoal, Graphite

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Willing to Relocate: Yes

Concept Art Awards