Patrick Razo- looking for work

Name: patrick razo


Career Level: mid to senior

Industry: film

Subject/Header: looking for work

Request: Hello, I am currently looking for full time or freelance. I have a range of skills that can be confirmed by veterans such as Ash Thorp, David Levy and John Park. I am a super quick learner and bring a lot of experience and problem solving experience to the table. 

My specialty is hard surface prop / product design in 3d. but can also work just as well in photoshop and with a pencil. 

I would like to work as a concept artist in a vfx house. or sfx house. something the likes of legacy or alliance studios. A longer term goal is to get into the union, for stability sake. 

My website can display the level and range of my work. thanks for taking a look, cheers!! 



Skills (Software, Specialities, etc.): modo, keyshot, photoshop, zbrush, wordcreator, aftereffects, finalcut pro, illustrator

Location: Los Angeles

Willing to Relocate: Yes

Concept Art Awards