Concept Art Awards

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Artwork by: Ryan Meinerding


Independent Character Finalists

Te Hu-“8buddha- mile”

Maxim Kozhevnikov- “Happy Dragon”

Svetlana Kudakova- “Undead Guardian”

Neeraj Menon- “Qhel”

Independent Environment Finalists

Te Hu- “through time we converge golden temple”

Maxim Kozhevnikov- “Honey Hunters”

Miguel Membreño- “after 01”

Miguel Membreño- “after 03”

Student Character Concept Art Finalists

Merick Cormier- “Forbidden Love”- Dawson College

Sean Coe McMath- “Monkey Studying an Octopus”- Metropolitan Community College

Roanna Peroz- “Grim Reaper Nurse”- 3dsense Media School

Lola Zhang-” Into The Dark - The Queen”- Art Center College of Design

Student Environment Concept Art Finalists

Airi Pan- “The Griffin’s Nest”- Art Center College of Design

Roanna Peroz- “Borders of Existence IV”- 3dsense Media School

Roanna Peroz- “Freja’s Residence”- 3dsense Media School

Fan Art Finalists

Rafael Grassetti- “Yoshimitsu”

Rodrigo Idalino- “Atreus”

Airi Pan- “Shougouki”

Roanna Peroz- “Batgirl”

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This year’s Concept Art Awards Presented by LightBox Expo takes place Saturday, September 7th, 2019 at 6PM in the Main Hall at LightBox Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California. Admittance is free with a LightBox Expo Pass

Artwork by Alex Nice



The Concept Art Association is an organization committed to elevating and raising the profile of concept artists, their art and their involvement in the entertainment industries. We want to create a community, mentorship opportunities, and events for the artists of the concept art world. At the center of our organization will be an annual Concept Art Awards show, where we showcase and recognize these below-the-line individuals working in entertainment concept art.

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Artwork by Jerad Marantz