“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” — Isaac Newton

Welcome to the Concept Art Association’s Mentorship Program. We will begin accepting mentor and mentee applications Thursday, June 20th, 2019 until October 31st, 2019 and will be announcing the matches November 15th, 2019. Our program is still a work in progress, but all mentor/mentees will receive a digital handbook and welcome packet upon their match outlining more specifics/suggestions.

A Mentor/Mentee match is a year-long commitment, and hopefully, we did our matching correctly and a deeper connection will flourish over time.

Mentees must be over 18 to apply.

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What is a Mentorship?

A mentorship is a beautiful thing. It’s a personal, nurturing relationship that focuses on the professional education and trajectory of an individual. The Mentor is there to guide the Mentee through their first big pitch, there to help the mentee navigate portfolio pieces and WIPs, and is there to weigh in on the many cross roads that pop up in an individual’s career.

This program is not meant to solve every issue or problem that arises- but is there to be a safe place to ask for career advice. The roles of Mentor and Mentee will vary depending on the individuals and what they are both looking for- but the overall goal is to help the Mentee reach their potential and be ready for what the industry throws at them.

Concept Art Association believes that Mentors and Mentees will find their experience to be mutually beneficial. Mentees are gaining one-on-one attention from the leaders in the field and will have access to ideas, process, and networking that could have taken them a decade to figure out on their own. Mentors will have the ability to fine-tune their coaching, management, and art direction skills, will learn how to inspire different individuals than they may have worked with before, and expand their legacy to include the successful nurturing of their mentee, and maybe gain a future employee.

Mentorship Commitment

  • A Concept Art Association Mentorship is a minimum commitment of one year- with the hope that the relationship will continue after the program expires.

  • If you are unable to meet in person every other month, then we request pairs communicate at least once a month via phone, email, chat, text or video call.

  • If you are both attending an event or conference together or are in a situation that places you both in the same city- and are able to meet in person- we request that you meet up and/or facilitate meetings for the Mentee with others in the Mentor’s professional circle (i.e. invite your mentee to visit your office or invite them to grab a coffee/drink/some lunch with you and your friends at LightBox Expo, GDC, THU, SDCC, ZBrush Summit, etc.)

  • During the year, all pairs should aim to have six-eight significant discussions regarding the Mentee’s professional growth (i.e. an upcoming job interview, feedback on a portfolio piece, on-going skill development). These discussions will vary based upon the interests and goals set in the introductory phase.

  • We understand that communication is not a “one-size-fits-all” endeavor, and encourage each mentor/mentee pair to establish their own communication patterns. These Commitment Guidelines are just a template/starting off point.

  • The Concept Art Association Mentorship Team will contact each participant for updates and feedback over the course of the year. A prompt response is requested to ensure satisfaction of both parties and continued commitment to the mentorship.


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