Chiustream: Concept Art Awards

The Concept Art Association was created with the mission of elevating the profile of concept artists, their art and their essential role in screen entertainment. industries. The group was founded by Ryan Meinerding, Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development; Talent Manager Rachel Meinerding; and Nicole Hendrix, producer and co-founder of the BRIC Foundation. “The mission behind LightBox Expo is to shine a spotlight on the artists behind our favorite movies, animation, games and illustration, so it only makes sense to have an award show to recognize and celebrate the incredible talent in the entertainment industry,” said LightBox Expo Co-Founder Bobby Chiu. “The Concept Art Awards is going to be one of those events where we will only truly understand the importance of it in 10 years, but the first one will always be the most special of them all.” Concept Art Association Instagram @conceptartassociation Schoolism

Concept Art Awards